last friday i watched peep show starring my dream job. now i feel impotent still not being able to squeeze its tits
please please please

вот под этот трек  надо идти из московских гостей яростно напившись
элегантно уговаривая собственную походку быть постройнее
с блуждающей улыбкой на лице потому что посыпавшийся снег на наконец умолкнувший город показался таким офигительно красивым

Friday night after a pretty good dose of red wine with a girlfriend I got back home late to discover that I still can do translation on MEN UNDERWEAR (for work, otherwise I`d better check out the subject in live) till 3 a.m. WOW

I love BB and absolutely indifferent to MM.

these shots 1) are utterly and universally feminine 2) personal and inspirational for me.
people say one can watch fire and how others work endlessly. Bullshit!
I could do these two (eat pasta& drink wine and be with own children).