Treat yourself right.

Guess it`s more GIRLS post and its about FOOD and conscious self-indulgement =)

Are you familiar  with this sequence: you get tired/upset/nervous - so you go for smthg sweet or junk food (smthg normally you won`t eat out of health&weight concerns) - you buy and eat it assuming it`ll do you good and at the same time already starting feeling guilty/not pleased with yourself/...? Dubious benefit, hm?
My idea is very simple - treat yourself on REGULAR BASIS (not on"special occasions"), shop for your favourite sweets, snacks (something you "allow" yourself in the state of emergency)  as for any staples so that you have it at home always.
Here the first mechanism work will start operating - your chocolate bars or crisps are no longer something under restrict, so you automatically  don`t crave for it SO much.

And now the essence - make a healthy and beautiful habit of daily treats - look out for the moment when you feel like having something delicious - get out a box of your favorite chocolate (cookies etc) and eat 2 3 4 5... but with the whole pleasure of the moment and awareness of self-induldgement.
Well if you are a fan of raspberry fudge cheesecake which is not to be bought beforehand - just apply the   same idea to the takeaways from the favorite bakery and "a cup of coffee and a slice of cake" habit.

This really worked for me! Hope you get the idea and find it useful.
Love yourself and treat yourself right =)

hot fudge  ice-cream lover


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