Zero gravity / 21

21 is the time when you are already out of chaotic recklessness but still have no conventions and  don`t care much about the aftermath.
When this guy rang my doorbell and I opened the door he was still reading his book on the doorstep (I`m leaving out the weird thing why we met first straight at my place).
 When I was 21 I fell for intelligence and oddness. He knew cinematograph and the way to stroke my knees. We made a pact that:
a) `ll will have sex whatever ever - girlfriends, boyfriends, wives, husbands (I was the first to betray the pact)
b) he`ll babysit my children reading them Kurt Vonnegut out loud (still have a chance)

21 is about falling with your head onto a lawn of crispy autumn leaves, choking with chilly air.

So it was a concert of friends of friends  in a deserted shooting range. This friend of mine (let him be B.) invited me to come.  On arrival I caught an eye of "my type" boy and B. kindly introduced us. In half an hour on the way for another beer to get back to indulging flirting I bumped into B. somewhere among the trees (the place was in the depth of nature park). And we made love on those crispy leaves, choking with that chilly air. His cell phone was vibrating like mad buried under the leaves: his gf was calling and my new acquitance was calling him as well to know why I disappeared. Actually it turned out two of them were looking for us.  In some minutes we got back to both of them saying "old buddies needed to talk". At 21 things are easy.
Next morning I dropped in to B.`s place and we were sipping tea with his gf on the balcony stretching out our legs in the sun chatting about pedicure she never had  being a literature faculty girl and caring about more lofty matters than nails.

21 is very very beautiful.

What were your 21 about?


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