When Sally met Harry

This post is about WHAT&WHERE we, girls, could do after we have shopped, gone for a a swim with a friend, lunched with our folks, and finished the latest business update.
I.e. WHERE we can meet a man in Moscow and entertain ourselves as well.

First leave your big mission "find a boyfriend" at home, then try some new activity! The thing is to find the right environment, hobbies - with all that new people will emerge into your life themselves. In order to find and be found we should be somewhere out there, shouldn`t we?

1. Back to school

At various COURSES you can kill two birds with one stone - you can learn new language or skill (which can be just useful, or just a nice way to spend free time or even turn to your hobby) and you can meet new people!
Drop into any evening class at a language school - and you will see that there are enough guys in suits learning language for their jobs. So you should just find a school with the atmosphere you like - and give yourself a present of learning a new language, or get a more profound knowledge of some you already speak.

Spanish classes at Instituto Cervantes de MoscĂș are great, and quite a "fertile ground". Students do communicate a lot during pauses (on the balcony you can smoke and drink a coffee). The atmosphere is really relaxed, and they stick to communicative strategy during classes which definitely disposes to further informal communication after classes. All teachers and some stuff are native speakers. If you don`t speak Russian - you won`t have any trouble, classes are in Spanish from the very start and administration speak English.

French at Centre Culturel Francais de Moscou unfortunately don`t have any personal experience with it, so you have a chance to check it out! They are located in a nice place in the centre (between Kitaj-Gorod and Taganskaya), which I believe to be a benefit - it contributes to the whole process of studying!

German at Goethe-Institut Moscau 

Italian at Centro Italiano di cultura

A good thing about learning language at first 3 above described places, is that they often have cultural events like exhibitions, concerts, performances - so you can mix up with people there and meet people from the country which language you are learning!

In addition to languages there are many more exciting things you can learn in Moscow. Like photography at Photoplay, or scriptwriting&storytelling at Cinemation_lab, or psychoanalysis at Studio of Psychoanalysis, or... Guys here  have a good review and updated schedules for various courses in Moscow! Unfortunately it is only in Russian(

Great point about such courses is that you can be a complete amateur, or even never touched the topic and decided to take up for pure entertainment - you feel absolutely relaxed and easy there. They are meant to teach you, not in academic way - but in a way to make you fall in love or love even more some skill or profession. They also let you pick come special short time course on a particular subject - take psychoanalysis - you may be not in the topic - but there are some things that have always attracted you - so you can "find out more", but not reading a boring book or watching 3 hours documentary =)

And again - you meet loads of people!


A group of people at Theory&Practice promotes and publishes daily shedules for now trendy public lectures and workshops.  T&P unites like minded people, confessing a new form of Entertainment - Edutainment.
They are doing a great job - you can find accurate announcemets and descriptions of lectures, seminars, workshops.
The only drawback is Russian only content.
The audience are male and female apprx.18-30. Surely the subject of an event determines the type and occupation of attendants. Mostly these are fashionable, brainy (and not very), active-minded young people.
So if language is not a problem for you - just find something at your taste and give it a try! Most lectures are free, but some have admission fee, usually they mention it in the announcement.

3.  If you get not enough adrenaline and competition sense - why don`t you try KARTING?
You can fetch a few colleagues to build a team, or a friend and race with others. The environment is sexier than we think (imagining ourselves to look more like Yurij Gagarin than an attractive women). A woman within a traditional "male" hard balls environment is very spicy! Even if you fail to meet someone, you will never regret the money spent! It`s a good stress reliever and endorphins source!

4. DANCE ME to the end of love...

Another thing which I`ve thought of is dancing! You know that at the disco it`s always easy to speak up to someone you fancy - eye contact, smooth moves - voilĂ  ! 
You can sign up for classes at a dancing school and later show your results on the dance floor or just show up at places where people come for dancing.

Do you swing? - here they teach swing& boogie-woogie, there are parties and special dance events. 
Cheer up and release your energy;) 

Dance Studio by World Class  this spacious studio operates as a fitness club - you get a monthly pass and can dance till you drop) Though location is not the best one(
Vortex Dance they have Capoeira classes

Moscow night clubs where guests dance (latino mainly) and your risk to get swayed into dance is high:

Papa`s place - each Tuesday Latino parties!
Karma Bar - Salsa parties with master-classes each Friday and Saturday.
Pancho Villa (Mexican restaurant) - Latino parties all week long except for Tuesday. On Sunday at 8.30 pm Latino dance class.
Tunnel - each Wednesday Latino party from 9 p.m.

And how do you go out? And what do you think about Russian parties comparing to those back in your country? Is there anything striking about the way Russian men behave during first contact? Hm?
And if there are men reading it - how do YOU go out in Moscow? so that we know for sure where to find you...=)


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