Evil girls stick to holy basil

Yesterday night had a divine revelation.
A friend was to drop in for a chat, and I felt like fixing some dinner and went for pesto sauce. Insatiable me put 2 cups fresh basil leaves more than the recipe advised.  The thing tasted awesome without a hint for an aftermath. My girlfriend didn`t turn up because of a sudden article deadline, so I had a nice "panties and T-shirt on" dinner ... some mins later I felt sooo pleasantly horny! And it felt like after an  orgasm - so heated and relaxed inside at the same time. So I got curious and found this : Stimulate your sex drive with basil Never took such stuff seriously until yesterday:)

I guess it`s pretty personal (the effect power) but it would be curious to test it on male friends.
Have some magic sauce leftovers, pondering whether to take it for lunch with me...


Anonymous said...

Good quality green/white tea can have the same effect. ;)

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