Why does he ignore some of my texts? A closer look.

I used to wonder myself  that some men can simply ignore your messages, though then communicating normal (or more than) when you finally meet or speak. I personally need some reasons not to reply - and usually that means reluctance to communicate at all. If someone texts me "There is a cool exhibition at... Shall we go?" I feel it necessary to answer even if I don`t care much and so on. Imagine one asks you in person and you just stay numb, would look weird! For me messaging functions the same way, with same regulations as life communication. 

When you are having an affair or relationship "everything matters" and you get paranoic confused when he just ignores your texts...though everything else is running smoothly... Why?

He may just not know what to answer at this exact moment or for this exact message. This is what a few male friends of mine said when I asked them about the issue. This is a kind of communication habit - some people will force themselves to write back at least anything, the others not having a certain answer or nice reply msg straight away - just prefer to keep silent. And that`s OK

Just keep in mind - we all have different ways - of talking, walking, eating, making love, brushing teeth. And if you stumble and get disappointed thinking he/she acts weird, maybe it`s just his/her own way, different? And it doesn`t mean that they treat you mean. OBSERVE each other personality in every detail and with no haste, the way you would study a painting in the museum  if you are an art-fan. And many things will open to you saving from anxious search for answer in cosmopolitan. 


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