Moscow girls

Moonlight and vodka , takes me away
Midnight in Moscow is lunchtime in L.A.

Western men like Russian women, Russian women like Western men. Why?  For the mere fact that they make a difference...educated, well doing, confident giving them a chance to try something else - another mentality, another country of residence... After the jump - my personal insights - what kind of women one can meet in Moscow.

Check out my blog for updates - soon I`ll tell you more where you can meet each other and where you can go out together while in Moscow/Russia.

Good student
sintelligent & genuine, anticipating freedom. 19-21 y.o.

Still living with her parents, but already out of their control (literally and figuratevely). Well educated and mannered alike. Still dreams sipping strawberry flavoured capuccino with groupmates between lectures, meanwhile mature and sensible. Easily impressed. Attached to little nephew and family pet.  Spends much time on the Internet.

Aware of the city culture life and shows up at popular exhibitions and events. Can do some active sport (like snowboarding or skiing). About 50% have a job - studies normally take a bulk of time.

Has a keen mind and easy-going  -  likely to be interested in mixing up with foreign company (man).

She is a good company for a cup of coffee or a city stroll (mind - may be a bit shy and can still have 10 pm curfew). Choosing an activity for a date or just meeting you`d better take an initiative in your own hands.

Made in the city 
smart, busy, eyes wide open. 23-27 y.o.

I know what to show
And what to conceal
I know when to talk
And I know when to touch
No one ever died from wanting too much

Lives in a rented Ikea-furnitured apartment or lucky to have a separate family-owned flat.  Does PR /advertising/marketing/art job. She is a big girl, who occasionally shirks night teeth brushing to her own pleasure and throws a pyjama-but wine party.

Attached to her I-devices, car, saving for a Tiffany set. Travels a lot: seasonal holidays in Europe, hot countries wellbeing retreats or sun-sand-surf beach holiday with friends. Vibrates with ambitions and inspirations. Knows who Andy is,cares for looks and trends.  Already gives some thought to a future family of her own. Meanwhile prefers to be in a long-term relationship with someone equal sharing the same views.

Consumes information greedily,loves healthy lifestyle and attends yoga classes.

This character is unlikely to be short of ideas what to do in the city - art exhibitions, parties,film festivals, educating lectures popular within her circle. Though you can stand out suggesting something old-fashioned like a romantic flowers-candles-kiss on the cheek dinner or a country ride.

Hoity - toity. 
18-2... y.o.

This is quite an age-ranging age group. High heels, glossy lips, Juicy Couture track suit - buing a mineral water at a supermarket. A dog squeezed under the armpit - a gift from ex boyfriend. She loves her life twinkle from the disco ball light. She moves well, speaks...not so well. She has leopard patterned bed sheets and fluffy slippers.
Usually hang out by two - with a girlfriend.

Parties, afterparties (check out for blog updates for exact locations you can hang out at).

Office girl
apple crumble with custard.  25-30 y.o.

Dressed elegantly and modestly reading a book on her way to work... Meeting a girlfriend for lunch and seeing a new play in the evening. Her working place is decorated with lovely postcards and a plant in full blossom - exactly like she is. Married male colleagues bother her flirting, while she answers back by a supposedly confused but actually sympathizing smile. Choosing a destination for the next sea vacation, and browsing wedding catalogues and food recipes between job routines.

Usually quite traditional in leisure preferences. Movies, elegant restaurant could be a good venue. Don`t hesitate to ask her to show you around - she should know the city well. A good listener and conversation partner.

30 Smthng
tough candy with a soft filling. n/a

In  one hand she is holding a Prosecco glass with another scrolling her work emails. She avoids family get-togethers with "It`s high time you settled down darling" excusing herself by a sudden business trip. She wouldn`t mind to settle down that much. But all this time has been getting on with her independence so well that not ready to give it up easily.

She is strong and confident on the surface but can weep in her pillow at night. It can be right time for a wise head by her side and a strong hand on her shoulder. She is successful, works much, does much socialising - usually within the circle of present or ex-colleagues and friends. Pays much attention to own appearance and health. Which doesn`t affect Friday bar.

 Job does not leave much time for "cultural" - so a good music concert could be a nice choice for spending time together. Or go for something simple - like center city walk - in daily traffic jams she may have forgotten the charm of it .

And NOW - the most crucial part of the post:

a) these are very rough and subjective portraits (there are much more types of ladies lioving in Moscow as in any city)
b) no matter we can label and categorize things, people, there is a cave of treasures inside of each - don`t be lazy to explore and discover !



Michael said...

Very interesting - now tell me where / how to meet Good Student and Office Girl. (And don't say university or office - assume I don't want to hang out at university and my office isn't 'fertile' ground).

Sofia Ornonova said...

hold on Michael! will get back with that very soon))
nice choice btw

Sofia Ornonova said...

Michael, do you skate?;) have a look at my recent post!

Michael said...

Yes, its been a while, but I can indeed skate passably. :)

(sorry for slightly late reply!)

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