I`ll do without a long foreplay about Web-dating virtues.
I personally met my bf and best male friends exactly there (as a bonus occasional "cup of coffee-movies-sex-shopping-taking the dog out-whatever companions).

Following Moscow girls` guide I`ve picked out for you Russian free Internet dating sites with ENGLISH interface available (not "russian brides" crap). Find the links after the jump.
Don`t be taken aback by their messy design!

1. Vkontakte
This is copy-paste of Facebook, but much more user-friendly in respect of people search. It`s much stronger dating tint than FB. And it`s a common practice to add random people (girls) as friends and send messages.

First you need to register, at the very bottom of the main page you can find English language which you can switch to in case the page opened in Russian.

Once you`ve created your profile, go for PEOPLE at the top of the page.

Once you clicked PEOPLE, a Search page is opened. Here you can find various filters.

Have fun!:)

2. Mamba
It`s the oldest and the most popular dating site. So you can trust it as anything time-proven!
In the right top corner you can switch to English.

3. Loveplanet
Another trustworthy site with a huge profile heritage.

4. Gdate
A relatively young dating service. The principle is usual - you register, type in search criteria and partner-hunting starts! ) This one has English and German versions (switch languages in the bottom right corner of the page).


Alla said...

If nobody is responsible you can meet there professional golddiggers... be careful.. оерук problem - is 5% of girls possibly speak English and another 5 % from this 5% will like you! So your chances are 1/125!

Sofia Ornonova said...

hm...I wouldn`t be that negative about it! A lot of English-speaking and moreover "adequate" women from my personal surrounding are looking for partners via Web and their tastes differ)

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