Slippery ground

So guys, to meet GOOD STUDENTs and OFFICE GIRLs  and other sporties we`ll need to sweat a trifle.
Moscow girls love skating, what is good - they love doing it on their own or joined by a girlfriend :) So I`ve picked out for you a few worth rinks (while the weather still permits).
Click on the rink name for its location.
Have a smooth ride!

Hermitage Garden

Romantic and fashionable (not TOO) atmosphere, a lot of people come rather for socializing than skating. There is a chance to bump into some celebrity. Bar with hot wine and snacks available.

Mon-Fr 12.00 - 23.00, weekends 10.00 - 23.00.
Fee – 200 rub, weekends – 250 rub.
Skates rental– 200 per hour.

Ice Skating Rink on Red Square in front of the GUM. Quite a spectacular amusement! Cons - reasonably popular with families, foreign tourists and "guest" from small cities - maybe not your target audience.

Mon - Sun 10.00-23.00. 
Fee weekdays: 10.00-16.00 - 250 rub; 16.00-23.00 - 350 rub. 
Weekend fee: 10.00 - 14.00 - 350 rub.; 14.00 - 23.00 - 500 rub.
Skates rental 250 rub., deposit  2000 rub. or driving license. 
Instructor 1000 rub.

There is sessions schedule (between them they clean/refresh the ice).

10:00 — 11:20
12:00 — 13:20
14:00 — 15:20
16:00 — 17:20
18:00 — 19:20
20:00 — 21:20
22:00 — 23:20

Ice Skating Rink at Petrovka aka "French Ice Skating Rink" The oldest traditional Moscow ice rink.

Mon - Fr. 14.00-22.00, Weekend 11.00-0.00. 
Fee: weekdays - 150 rub., weekends - 250 р.

Skates rental: 150 rub. per hour, Deposit  - 1000 р. or driving license. 
Hockey stick + puck rental : 100 rub. per hour.

Gorky Park's ice skating rink The biggest open air rink (paths through the park, pond are iced for skating). Popular for its ice disco, complete with music and ice. The environment is far from intimate, if you are a loose skater can be overwhelmed by the number of people. Though everybody is quite friendly, and the atmosphere is cheerful.  Various cafes availabale.  I would suggest this rink rather for taking your GF out, than meeting one (you two will never get bored at least staring at people)). 

Mon - Sun 10.00-22.00.
Fee: - 100 rub, 

Skates rental (opent till 21.00) - 150 rub. per hour, deposit - 1000 rub + passport 

Mind that queues for rental can be tiresome, so it makes sense to come with your own pair...

Bonus: you can combine skating with a visit to Central House of Artists  (one of the biggest indoor exhibition space), which is just opposite the park.

Sokolniki park`s ice skating rink  - usual park ice rink, relaxed, within natural surrounding. Makes sense if you live in this area and want to meet your she-neighbour.

Park entry fee - 50 rub.
Skates rental - 150 rub per hour.

"New League" ice skating rink - popular for ice quality (+ NO weather dependent, since the ice is artificial), so most of those who come here come actually for skating.  There is not much to see or do in the area around.
In the evening the place is especially "cosy", there are small cafes around the rink.

Weekends - 11.00 - 23.00
On weekdays after lunchtime you`ll have to share the space with skating school classes.
Mon-Thur – 150 rub
Fr - Sun and holidays  – 250 rub.
Skates rental – 150 rub. per hour.


Anonymous said...

great post, thanks ! which one do you go 2?

Sofia Ornonova said...

I`m not a big fan of it, but show up occasionally at Hermitage garden. Last year I tried the New League - the ice and space are really good!)

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